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Fishing Riba Roja and Caspe with Ebo Fishing Dreams

The river Ebro is Spain’s premier carp and catfishing spot spanning a distance of some
928 km. starting just south of Santander and ending in the med at the delta. The river
Ebro varies greatly in its topography and scenery.

We have been carp and catfishing the Ebro here for many years , fishing many stretches
from as far up as Caspe and Mequinenza down to Riba Roja d’ Ebre and as far down as
the lower Ebro at the delta. The two areas which we have found to be the most prolific are
at Caspe and at the damned stretch at Riba Roja d’ Ebre(where we are based), this is where we concentrate most of our fishing efforts.

Fishing Riba Roja d’ Ebre you can expect fast and furious action from carp and amazing catfishing action, the carp are mainly in the 15 to 25lb range with an excellent chance of fish over 30lb and many 40's present.

The Riba Roja catfish average between 40 to 80lb with many fish over the magical 100lb mark with fish to just under 180lb being caught recently.

The private swims that you will be fishing are pre-baited daily, so the carp and catfish are never far away and multiple catches of carp and catfish can be expected.

If you are looking for that once in a lifetime fish maybe a fishing holiday at Caspe is the fishing holiday for you, catfish here reach weights of just over 200lb. The carp in this stretch feed on an abundance of bloodworm and crayfish as well as anglers baits, this is why they average between 20 to 30lb with 40lb fish fairly common and fish over 50lb also possible, with the record now 66lb.

Though carp and catfishing the Ebro here can also be very prolific but water levels vary
greatly and sometimes conditions suit the more hardy angler.

Whatever you’re fishing needs speak to us at Ebro Fishing Dreams and we will accommodate.